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Supercharge your PR strategy in the "green" era.


Clean Tech PR Agency

Why Do You Need a Clean Tech PR Agency?

China is the world’s largest energy-consuming market. As the country commits itself to a NetZero 2060 deadline, renewable energy market are experiencing exponential growth in the market.

With staggering market opportunities present now and in the future, energy companies face the challenge of communicating their "go green" efforts while meeting the needs of their Chinese stakeholders as diverse as customers, partners, investors, governments, and shareholders. 

At Tribe China, we have worked with customers in the renewable energy market ranging from electric car parts manufacturers to renewable energy consultancy. Through these experience, we’ve established key relationships with media contacts across national, trade, and hyperlocal media. Whether you need help in telling your green transformation story or raising brand awareness for your greentech products, we’re your trusted PR agency in China to help you achieve your goal.

Our Clean Tech PR Expertise

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Clean Tech

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What our clients say

"We chose Tribe as our China PR agency for a campaign launch, and it was a terrific decision. Tribe China has proved great local expertise and provided our brand with a quick setup and media exposure. We will continue to work with them, and we will definitely recommend them further."

- Rachel E. Andalaft, CEO of Mangifera Analytics - a renewable energy market intelligence firm 

Our Clean Tech PR Services Include

Renewable Energy Brand Strategy

We develop your localized brand messaging and positioning strategy that differentiates your energy brand in the crowded market.

Renewable Energy 
Media Relations

We get your energy brand featured in the mainstream news media and relevant industry publications.

Renewable Energy Content Development

We help you to create captivating marketing and thought-leadership content that converts better.

Renewable Energy Social Media Marketing

We grow and engage your followers on Chinese social media platforms including WeChat, Weibo and more.

Renewable Energy Leadership Profiling

We help you build credibility and position you as an industry leader through impactful thought leadership programs.

China Media Training

Our tried and true media training workshops will make your spokesperson more confident in delivering the right messages to the Chinese media.

Ready to propel your clean tech brand in China?
We're here to help!

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