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About Tribe China

Your Trusted Tribe of Consultants 

Who We Are

Tribe China is a boutique PR and marketing agency specializing in business communications for global B2B and B2C brands. Our enduring mission is to be the most trusted China-focused agency for global innovators. We blend modern PR with compelling content marketing through a localized digital channel matrix to help brands establish trust, bolster awareness, generate demand, and ultimately contribute to their business success in China.

We are a team of skilled PR professionals, content strategists, and digital experts who strive to bridge the knowledge gap between the east and west. Our commitment to delivering on our promises to customers guides us in all we do.

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NPS Score: 

According to our 2023 NPS survey done among our current and past customers, 95% said they are VERY happy with the results and value we brought and would recommend us. 

Our Philosophy

Tribe China’s philosophy is simple: We do good work with good people for excellent results.

Our team works hard to deliver impactful work to help you achieve your goals. We put the brightest people on your team, no matter their locations and titles. Above all, we aim to be your trusted partner in China, advising and collaborating to ignite endless possibilities.

Our Team is Your Team

In a market with a wide range of communication channels constantly fighting for attention, you need a dedicated local partner to be your eyes, ears, and hands on the ground. These are the people who work tirelessly every day to deliver excellent results for our clients. 

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Liz Y.

Co-founder & Managing Director

Luo Feng headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Feng L.

Co-founder & Director of Brand Strategy

Huaxia headshot.jpg

Hua X.

Director of Brand Strategy

Duana headshot.jpeg

Duana D.

Strategic Content Director

Zoe bio.png

Zoe L.

Senior Account Executive

Lucky bio.png

Lucky W.

Senior Account Executive

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