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Brand Strategy

Get started with a localized brand and messaging strategy.

A brand isn't just a name or logo. It's the entire experience you create together with your audience. A strong brand sets you apart from your competitors, making you the go-to for similar products and helping you attract top talent. From corporate branding to business branding, we help B2B companies create and localize memorable brands through comprehensive branding exercises, empowering them to connect with their key target audiences in China.

At the outset of every brand strategy project, we kick off with a discovery meeting, aligning goals, expectations, and key results. Next, we dive deep into your business, leaving no stone unturned, from thorough research on your audiences, competitors, and brand history to fully immerse ourselves in your brand.

Armed with these insights, we then take you through a series of branding exercises, from name and tagline development to VI and messaging, all aimed at creating your story brand. Get in touch today to know how we can help turn your vision into reality.

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Our Brand Strategy Services

Persona Development

China brand strategy

We specialize in developing localized brand strategies that make your brand more relatable to your Chinese target audience. Our brand strategy services focus on creating a strong and recognizable brand identity, in order to ensure that your message is heard and your brand is remembered. 

What our clients say


“Tribe China is one of the best agencies I’ve ever worked with. They truly go above and beyond to immerse themselves in our business. Within just a few months, they have secured several coverages in high-valued Chinese media outlets. Their proactive attitude and strategy led us to build our brand reputation in a crowded market through PR and social media.”

Sandra Maeder

Global Head of Marketing and Communications, Seven Senders

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