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Brand Strategy

Get started with a localized brand and messaging strategy.

Many businesses fail in China because they don't invest in understanding their local buyers and assume Chinese audiences will respond positively to an existing product or service.

Approaching China's market using the same global positioning and communications strategy could easily result in expensive marketing and PR campaigns that deliver poor results. In some cases, it could hinder your brand reputation in China if your global message translates into something negative in Chinese.

At Tribe China, we believe every successful brand starts with a clear, localized brand strategy and positioning. Our strategic tools include research & competitors analysis, online pools & surveys, focus groups, workshops, interviews, and communications audits.

Our services

Chinese marketer localizing your content strategy

By conducting internal sales interviews and customer interviews, we paint a clear picture of your target buyer and their purchasing journey in China.

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What our clients say

Tribe China overperformed in the delivery of this project. We’re able to execute our business based on the report they gave us with the exact intel that we need. They provided everything we wanted and more. We now have all the information we need in order to know what steps to take when we launch in China.

- Mike Cheng, Founder of GoalMogul

Ready to build your brand strategy for China? We're here to help.

Tribe Insights

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