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Aviation & Travel PR 

Why Do You Need an Aviation Public Relations (PR) Agency?

The pandemic, geographic conflicts, and environmental concerns have brought new challenges to the aviation and travel industry. To succeed, companies must actively engage with the local stakeholders including customers, consumers, policy-makers and partners to achieve market competitiveness.

As a PR agency in China, we understand the industry’s complexity and changing landscape in the aviation and travel industry. Whether your goal is to influence decision-making, raise awareness, or change consumer perceptions, we’ll craft the right strategy and deliver the right mix of services to achieve your goal.

Our industry experience includes airline, tourism board, OEM, and aviation technology. Coupled with the expansive local media network across national, business, lifestyle and aviation verticals, we are ready to take your brand to new heights in China.

Our Aviation PR Expertise



aircraft OEM


Aviation software technology

Aviation Technology



Our Aviation PR Services Include

Aviation Brand Strategy

We develop your localized brand messaging and positioning strategy that differentiates your aviation brand in the crowded market.

Aviation Media Relations

We get your aviation brand featured in the mainstream news media and relevant industry publications.

Aviation Content Development

We help you to create captivating marketing and thought-leadership content that converts better.

Aviation Social Media Marketing

We grow and engage your followers on Chinese social media platforms including WeChat, Weibo and more.

Aviation Leadership Profiling

We help you build credibility and position you as an industry leader through impactful thought leadership programs.

Aviation ESG Communications

We help you communicate your sustainability and CSR efforts with meaningful ESG campaigns that engage your customers and attract talents and allies.

Ready to propel your aviation & airline brand in China?
We're here to help!

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