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If you don’t have great content, your social media doesn't have a foundation to build upon. And if you don’t have a strong social media presence, your audience will have nowhere to engage with you. When you have both — great content and a clear social media strategy — your success is amplified and your ROIs are sky-high.

At Tribe China, we believe social media is a crucial part of the content marketing strategy. We help you activate your social media accounts and build your presence on WeChat, Weibo, and other relevant Chinese social media platforms with engaging content, ROI-proven campaigns, and meaningful influencer partnerships.

Our Services Include

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Account Activation

  • Content Planning

  • Content Writing & Design

  • Campaign Planning & Implementation

  • KOL Partnerships

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major Chinese social media platforms for B2B companies?

WeChat is the major social media platform for B2B companies and Weibo is often used as a supporting channel to amplify messages. Popular video platforms such as TikTok and Bilibili are also gradually adopted by B2B companies to gain additional traffic.

What is the difference between Chinese and Western social media?

Chinese social media platforms are built entirely on a mobile-first approach, resulting in major differences in the content format and user journey. WeChat alone fulfills multiple functions that create an opportunity for brands to build a seamless user experience on multiple touchpoints on one platform.

Do I need a local entity to open social media accounts in China?

No, you don't need a local entity to open social media accounts in China. Most social media platforms including WeChat and Weibo allow foreign businesses to open an account. But the policies are constantly changing on different social media platforms, speak to a social media agency early in your marketing journey will help you save time and efforts.

How do I grow followers on Chinese social media?

There are many ways to grow followers on Chinese social media including running a social campaigns, directing traffic from offline events or tradeshows, collaborating with other WeChat accounts and KOLs and more. We will take a holistic approach and provide best solutions to grow your followers on Chinese social media.

How many social media accounts should I have to be effective?

It depends on your overall marketing strategy, your target audience and budget. For some companies, WeChat alone can serve the purpose, for others, platforms like TikTok and Bilibili are used to reach wider audiences. It's important to consider your buyer journey and evaluate your exisiting resources to determine your social media strategy.

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