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With the mobile-driven media landscape in China, content is the foundation of any digital marketing and PR strategy in China. Whether its whitepaper, blogs, videos or infographic, our content specialists will create compelling content to fuel your brand's narratives across WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Toutiao, Bilibili, and more.

Our story-telling approach starts with thorough research and interviews with your internal team, then we take the insights to design, write and develop your content strategy from start to finish.

Our Content Marketing Services

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We develop blog posts to be distributed across different media channels including your website and owned media channels such as Zhihu, Sohu, Baidu Baijia to maximize your online brand exposure.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to localize my content?

There is a key differences between localization and translation. Content localization uses the language and tone your audiences are familiar with to build higher credibility and stronger connection with your audience, resulting in higher conversion and effective communications.

How is content marketing different in China?

China's entire digital media ecosystem was built with a mobile-first approach. Over 93% of the online population accesses the internet via mobile, resulting in vastly different user habits and expectations for digital content. China also has an immerse owned media ecosystem that brands can capitalize on to build a strong brand presence with effective content marketing strategy.

What makes Tribe China different from other content marketing agencies?

At Tribe China, our content experts work closely with digital marketing and PR teams to create content that align with your overall communications objective. Our remote model also allows us to work with some of the best copy writers on the web who have the relevant experience of your industry.

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