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supply chain and logistics

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Supply Chain & Logistics PR 

Our Approach

Supply chain & logistics has undergone tremendous transformation over the past decade, especially with the flourishing of e-commerce and international trade. The industry faces new challenges in communicating its core values while addressing pressing social and environmental issues.

As a seasoned PR agency in China, we understand the intricacies of the supply chain & logistics industry. With our experiences ranging from inventory management software to last-mile delivery, we inject fresh ideas into this traditional industry.

Together, we’ll position your brand as a category leader, create a top-of-mind recall in the market, and differentiate your company over your competitors.

Our Expertise

cross border e-commerce



shipping and transportation


fullfillment center


retail customer service

Retail Tech

logistics planning


last mile delivery



How We Help

Supply Chain & Logistics Brand Strategy

We develop your localized brand messaging and positioning strategy that differentiates your brand in the crowded market.

Supply Chain & Logistics Media Relations

We get your brand featured in the mainstream news media and meaningful industry publications.

Supply Chain & Logistics Content Development

We help you to create captivating marketing and thought-leadership content that converts better.

Supply Chain & Logistics Social Media 

We grow and engage your followers on Chinese social media platforms including WeChat, Weibo and more.

Supply Chain & Logistics Leadership Profiling

We help you build credibility and position you as an industry leader through impactful thought leadership programs.

China Media Training

Our tried and true media training workshops will make your spokesperson more confident in delivering the right messages to the Chinese media.

Ready to propel your supply chain & logistics brand in China?
We're here to help!

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