How To Plan A Successful PR Event In China That Generates Buzz

Picture introducing your product in a brand new market — one completely foreign to you and your team — and being welcomed with open arms by the media. Better yet, imagine launch day rolls around and there’s already thousands — millions — of people excitedly refreshing your website or lining up to see your launch in person. That’s the power of a strong PR event.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled some top PR event tips you'll need to launch your brand in China.

Craft A Strong PR Message

One common mistake people make in planning their PR event is trying to cover too much at once. This often ends up diluting the message and making the event lose focus.

To prevent this, focus on one or two key aspects of your launch and amplify those. Make sure all of your materials are created around this key message and there’s clear evidence to support it. This way, even if people aren’t familiar with your business, it’s easy for them to understand what you do and why it matters.

In addition, make sure that your message goes beyond your business and gives the audience a clear reason why this product is relevant to them. Just because a product does well in one country, doesn’t mean it will automatically translate to China. Chinese reporters prioritize stories that are culturally relevant and have local appeal.

Some key questions you want to reflect in your PR message:

  1. What does your business offer to the market?

  2. What is your USP that set you apart from the competition?

  3. How committed are you to serving Chinese customers?

  4. What are the company’s next steps in China?

Adding such messages will make your messages much stronger and appealing to Chinese reporters.

Prepare Your “A” Media List

A successful PR event starts with a smart media strategy. The key with your media strategy is focusing your list on media publications that are truly relevant to your business and with journalists you can build long-term relationships. Pitching your event to the media will be much easier if there’s a great match between what you’re offering and the journalists’ area of expertise.

In China, you also need to account for the unique media landscape when you plan your media strategy. To hel