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Last-mile delivery

Venturing into A New Market


The Background

Seven Senders (”7S”) aims to revolutionize the logistics tech space across Europe, and wanted to take their innovative delivery solution beyond its borders. To make this possible they turned to Tribe China for an integrated communications strategy that would help them gain traction in one of the world's largest e-commerce markets – China. With a blend of strategic PR and social media approaches, 7S is now making waves as it continues on its mission toward global expansion.

Defining a local narrative

To aid 7S in its venture into the unfamiliar Chinese cross-border e-commerce space, we constructed an "attack plan" with our expertise and backed by comprehensive research. Having compelling local messaging is critical to the success of the communications program. Rather than a generic approach to messaging, we crafted a customized narrative tailored to its local audiences that addressed their needs without distancing itself from 7S' global message. Understanding that trust is paramount for success in the cross-border logistics sector, our messages emphasized reliability while highlighting its commitment to Chinese customers and technology innovations.

Cross-border collaboration

As 7S was refining its business in the Chinese market, we made sure to be their 'eyes and ears' on the ground. Our team fully immersed ourselves in the business by taking time to understand 7S from both a practical standpoint as well as looking at it through its customers’ eyes; understanding their needs so that cross-timezone collaboration could run as smoothly as possible.

Media strategy

We developed a targeted media strategy to introduce 7S businesses to the Chinese media and their target customers. Our efforts quickly resulted in a major interview opportunity with top tech media for the company’s global executive. The first interview was a huge success and the news story quickly went viral on WeChat, with 10k views just hours after it was published. Our team utilized this momentum to garner additional media coverage through localized global content and expert insights collected from subject matter expert interviews. These media coverages served as a solid foundation to establish 7S as a credible expert and reliable business partner in the industry.

Social media strategy

We also developed an effective social media strategy for 7S, to reach and engage Chinese cross-border sellers. With 80% of the content focusing on informative European logistics market education and relevant news & policies, as well as 20% pertaining to their solutions, our editorial plan also included visually appealing infographics and posters specifically designed to adhere to local social media user preferences while still keeping true with 7S' branding distinctiveness.

Our Approach

Tribe China is one of the best agencies I’ve ever worked with. They truly go above and beyond to immerse themselves in our business. Within just a few months, they have secured several coverages in high-valued Chinese media outlets. Their proactive attitude and strategy led us to build our brand reputation in a crowded market through PR and social media.

- Sandra Maeder, Global Head of Marketing and Communications, Seven Senders

The Results

"Seven Senders' research shown that the communications with consumers about the environmental impact of transport in last-mile delivery can change consumer behaviour, meaning consumers are four times more likely to choose sustainable parcel delivery options."

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"Seven Senders have an obsession with the number "seven." This year is the company's seventh anniversary, which coincides with the "Seven" in the name of the company, and "seven" also implies infinite possibilities and future prospects. That's why Thomas decided to explore the Chinese market this year."

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"At a regional level, Seven Senders has set its sights on the rest of the EU and is focused on expanding its parcel network across the continent. To provide fast delivery with better end-to-end visibility, the company has made significant investments in its IT and technology stack. "

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Public relations

Communications for Impact

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