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Everything is better with partners

From day one, our mission has been connecting global brands with their audiences in China by leveraging our greatest assets—our strong China foothold and deep industry expertise. While we are good at what we do in China, we thrive even more with the network of global partners. Because we believe success can be multiplied when we have each other. 


Being our partner has a perk


Win global proejcts

Tap into the lucrative market and win projects beyond national scale. We will attent pitch meeting, prepare proposal and deliver services as part of your team.


Unlock new opportunities

With more Chinese companies expanding overseas, leverage our local network to get new client referrals to your agency.


Share profit

Get a referral fee or even a share of our profit for each client you refer to us. As a bonus, you will get a happy client and an additional profit.

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Drop us a line to learn more benefits 

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