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3 Marketing & Communications Trends to Watch in 2023

In marketing communications, as in business, a lack of planning leads to a lack of results. Fierce local competition and shortened customer attention span make it increasingly essential for businesses to hone in on their communications strategy ahead of time in order to craft effective messages that resonate with their audience and bring them closer to their objectives in China.

In this blog, we’re exploring the top three marketing and communications trends we believe will set the tone for B2B brands in 2023 and beyond.

In this blog, we’re exploring the top three marketing and communications trends we believe will set the tone for B2B brands in 2023 and beyond, with insights from a leading

Trend 1: Sustainability and ESG

With countries joining forces to achieve the common carbon-neutral goal, the Chinese government has also set ambitious goals in the field of sustainability by pledging to reach peak carbon emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. As the world’s highest greenhouse gas emitter, this is a huge commitment. And businesses from big to small have largely joined the push.

Although ESG communications are not new to global comms professionals and marketers, it was not until recently that the topic became increasingly popular in the comms field in China. And in 2023, we foresee there will be an outburst of brands beginning to proactively communicate their ESG and sustainability efforts and commitment.

Now more than ever, leaders need to be prepared to address their strategy through an ESG lens to attract investors, show local commitment and build customer trust. In 2023, start incorporating your ESG messages into their overall communications strategy in China to gain trust and show your market leadership.

Trend 2: Video Content

We have previously talked about the increasing importance of video in content marketing. Video content in all of its formats has seen exponential growth in recent years, especially with short videos.

Whether you are ready or now, video content is now an essential part of content marketing for businesses to reach a broader audience. As a marketer, you need to start getting comfortable with creating videos.

Yes, it may be more costly to create video content than a blog post. However, there are many ways to reduce that cost by repurposing old videos and leveraging webinar recordings. Plus, new technologies and apps such as Capcut can further simplify the video editing process and bring the cost down.

Still, you do need to think about what various resources are available to you (budget, team, agencies, etc.) and equip your sales team with the basic skills to face the camera.

So, sit down with your marketing team and think about how to incorporate video content into your content marketing strategy to better engage with your customers and increase your odds of reaching broader prospects.

Trend 3: Virtual and Hybrid Events

Virtual events surged in popularity as the world adjusted to COVID-19 restrictions and have become a business staple thanks to their flexibility and convenience, even as the world reopened.

With events being pushed and re-scheduled, hybrid events will continue to be the main theme in 2023 by combining in-person customer engagement with online livestream to draw more online traffic.

For businesses entering a new market like China, virtual events open additional doors, as even those with no active operations or representatives on the ground can engage with clients, industry leaders, and media at a lower cost and with simpler logistics than attending in-person events.

In planning your marketing and communications activities for 2023, add both online events such as webinars and livestream and in-person events to your tactic matrix to capture a wider net and drive maximum traffic.

The Clock is TikTocking. Are You Ready for China's Re-openning?

After nearly three years of stringent measures, the Chinese government relaxed COVID controls. This increased flexibility and greater mobility facilitate international travel and provide renewed hope for businesses operating in China and those planning to enter this all-important market.

With the 3 key trends in mind, it's time to plan your marketing & comms activities that connect you with your target audiences in China.

If you are not sure where to begin, our team of experts at Tribe China is here to help. Book a consultation now to learn more about our integrated communications approach.


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